Wayne's Place Saddlery, Farrier Service & Arena

*Prices can vary depending on the condition of the animal. Draft and half draft prices are higher

*Corrective Shoeing: Rotated coffin bone, founder, laminates, etc. pricing will depend upon the severity of damage, time and material.  

Full-time Mobile Farrier Service

​Professional Certified WSH Farrier with over 25 years experience with horses, mules, mini's, etc. We offer trims, hot, cold and corrective shoeing for all disciplines from the backyard pet, to the arena, endurance riding, etc. We work with vets and horse owners to insure a well balanced hoof and optimum health. Specialize in the treatment of Laminitis (Founder). Former farrier for Dr. J Rusher.

We service the valley and surrounding areas. Call today to get your horse(s) or mule(s) on a schedule. If you bring your horse(s) or mule(s) to us we take $10 off each. 

Quality That Comes From Experience